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Version 1.8.0 Release

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Version 1.8.0 of the Chia reference client is now available for download! This release features user experience improvements, including updates for notifications, WalletConnect support, DataLayer permissioning, and NFT caching.

Critical Security Patches

This release includes patches that are critical security updates for all network users. It is highly recommended that all network nodes upgrade to the 1.8.0 version. 

We will be publishing a post mortem in the near future to discuss the specific issues we are patching with this release, until then responsible disclosure dictates that we not address the issues directly. 

Please monitor our official communication streams for more information on this matter once we feel it is safe to disclose.

General User Experience Improvements

Wallet Updates

We’re rolling out GUI wallet improvements and other enhancements. Details on specific features are outlined below:

GUI Notifications for New Release Updates

Operating on the latest version of the Chia wallet just got easier. The Chia wallet now notifies users of newly available release updates, prompting them to download and install the most recent version. Whenever a new production build is available, a banner notification will automatically appear in the main GUI window, directing users to the latest build’s download page. 

Improved Installation Flexibility for Windows Users

With 1.8.0, instead of automatically launching the GUI after upgrading the Chia application, Windows users can select an option to complete the upgrade installation process without triggering the GUI functionality, for those who typically just work via the command line interface.

Ability Customized DApp Permissions in WalletConnect

The latest updates to our WalletConnect application permissions enable users to granularly manage their connections on a per DApp basis. You may opt to disconnect from an application entirely, revoke all permissions, or reset individual permissions granted to each DApp. This applies to read-only permissions requested by a DApp, allowing users to individually reset any read-only permissions. 

Note: Any permissions that trigger a spend will always require user confirmation and cannot be automatically bypassed by a user. 

Improved NFT Caching and Loading Performance

Version 1.8.0 optimizes the loading performance of NFT wallets throughout initial syncing, as well as subsequent loading across multiple NFT screens. These enhancements also improve scalability support and improve the loading of wallets with large numbers of NFTs.

For Developers and Creators (RPC and CLI Only): 

General Improvements

DataLayer Permissioning Support

Chia’s DataLayer powers secure and auditable data sharing amongst various parties. This data is stored off-chain, using an open and permissionless publish/subscribe model. In version 1.8.0, we’ve added a DataLayer plug-in mechanism for managing subscriber (read) and publisher (write) permissions support to enable enterprise use cases, granting organizations more control over access to data. 

The Chia DataLayer service calls a RESTful API to provide publish and subscribe capabilities for DataLayer files. Plugins can be used to integrate with any desired user credential system to allow designated subscribers and publishers to download or upload DataLayer files. 

Find the usage guide here for documentation on the Permissioning Support.

Chialisp File Extension Standard

Included in this release is standardizing the file extensions used for Chialisp related files. This update standardizes the following files:

  • Chialisp files will end in *.clsp
  • CLVM files will end in *.clvm
  • Chialisp library files will end in *.clib

Protocol Updates

Assert Before (formerly known as Invalid After) – CHIP-14

We’re initiating a protocol update that allows users to require a coin spend to occur before a certain block height. For example, a user may post an offer contingent on its acceptance before a specified block height, and once passed, the offer expires. 

It’s important to note that this soft fork update will activate at block height 3,886,635 and is currently unavailable at the blockchain level. We recommend users upgrade to the newest version before block 3,886,635, which is expected to occur ~60 days after this release. Upon further development, we plan to integrate the functionality across primitives.

Other Fixes and improvements

  • Read our release notes for details on other fixes and improvements made in this release.

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