Authentically secure, sustainable and compliant.


Chia is one of the most decentralized blockchains by node count, with more than 100,000 global nodes, and we constructed our smart contracting language, based on Lisp, with security as the highest priority. Corporations, financial institutions, and governments demand a higher level of security, and thus far, blockchains have sacrificed security for simplicity and adoption. 


In order to deliver on the promise of the next-generation blockchains, Chia believes that we must be regulatory compliant globally. We’ve stated our goal to become a public reporting company subject to the Securities Act of 1934 to enable full transparency into activities that influence the Chia Blockchain. 


Chia designed a more sustainable blockchain, offering globally-inclusive access to those farming—Chia blockchain’s version of mining—and to the broader financial system. We’re powering enterprise and multilateral efforts to drive investment in sustainability, leveraging the strengths of our inherently low power and reusable resource-based consensus mechanism.