Brand integrity is everything

Easily integrate provable and auditable authenticity and ownership into your existing systems

Build trust with your customers using Chia’s secure and compliant Digital Twin and Verifiable Credentials technology.

Choose from a selection of technologies to address specific business needs or scale the platform end-to-end. Our modular architecture abstracts the benefits of blockchain to Web2 and Mobile, easily integrates into existing systems, and powers your brand’s environment, vendor, and customer experience.

Empower consumers to make informed purchasing decisions by creating a tamper-proof digital representation for records keeping.

A product’s unique identity can be tied to embedded NFC or RFID chips and captured on the blockchain. These tags enable consumers to verify the authenticity of products using smartphones or by scan.

Protect your brand by validating the authenticity of the product as well as the seller.

Scanned product is checked against the Manufacturer’s tamper-proof database of approved vendors and sellers to confirm ownership rights.

Maintain your brand’s reputation, promise, and exclusivity with credentialing.

Your prospective buyer uploads information to receive a “verifiable credential,” which proves their qualification to buy your products, and proves their ownership after they buy.

Integrate smart contracts into existing systems to track transactions across your marketplaces and expand product lifecycle data.

Smart contracts run when your predetermined conditions are met, allowing you to specify data needs and track transactions, product movement, and buyer and seller information.

Why does this matter?

Customers pay for the promise and experience as much as for the luxury product itself. Counterfeiting and retail theft, a multi-trillion dollar organized crime enterprise, undermine the profitability and irreparably damage the reputation of luxury and retail brands.

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