Brand integrity is everything

Easily integrate provable and auditable provenance, authenticity, and ownership into your existing systems

Securely store the record of every product’s transaction to power your brand’s digital retail ecosystem, simplify compliance and workflow management, and protect your customer’s experience

Our modular Chia Provenance, Proof of Authenticity, and Proof of Ownership architecture abstracts the benefits of blockchain to Web and Mobile.

Empower your current processes and deploy new capabilities by harnessing the data from a product’s entire life cycle—from materials sourcing and manufacture through verified reselling.

Enable informed consumer purchasing decisions by creating a tamper-proof digital representation for record keeping.

Digitize your products using a digital identifier stored on the blockchain to create a permanent Unique Product Identifier, which can be tied to embedded authenticity modules. These tags enable consumers to verify the authenticity of products.

Protect your brand and maintain compliance by validating the authenticity of the product and traceability of manufacturing and ownership records.

Create a Digital Product Passport (DPP) which securely records and stores a product’s material sourcing, manufacturing data, and ownership trail, enabling increased accessibility for compliance efforts.

Ensure a credible global network of sellers aligned with your brand’s vision and legacy.

Sellers can apply for a verifiable credential, which stores their identifying data, captures historical transaction information, and demonstrates their qualification to sell your products.

Build lifelong brand advocates by rewarding your most loyal customers.

Prospective buyers upload information to receive credentials which demonstrate their qualifications to access your products and services, and prove their ownership after they buy.

Why does this matter? Your Brand Promise.

Your customers and your brand reputation are at risk from counterfeiting and retail theft—a multi-trillion dollar organized crime enterprise that continues to grow more sophisticated. 

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