Validated. Verified. Luxury Your Customers Can Trust.

Preserve your brand’s legacy by digitizing inventory using Chia’s digital twin and authentication technology.

  • Build Brand Trust
  • Prove Product's Authenticity
  • Maintain Product Lifecycle
  • Tamper-proof Sensitive Data
  • Optimize Customer Experience
  • Verify Ownership Records

Brand integrity is everything
for luxury brands

Luxury brands face challenges that put the brand’s reputation at risk.


Digitize Your Products

Elevate both your brand and customer experience by ensuring your product’s authenticity with Chia’s digital twin and verifiable credentials technology.

Supply Chain and Ownership Transparency

Digital twins, virtual representations of physical items, validate authenticity, maintain transparent and immutable ownership records, enhance brand reputation, and aid informed consumer choices. Securely store data like materials, price, ownership history, and more in a tamper-proof ledger, sharing selectively with authorized parties.

Verify and Authorize Buyers and Sellers

Verifiable Credentials (VCs) are secure, tamper-proof digital equivalents of credentials for fast identity verification. Brands issue VCs for proof of ownership or relevant status in transactions, such as verified seller or buyer.


Our Process

Product data is securely recorded and stored inside a digital twin. A decentralized application shares data among authorized owners, sellers, and customers to verify and authenticate ownership, value, and more.

Brand Creates Digital Twin

A tamper-proof digital replica of your product is created.

Data Recorded and Stored

Essential and pertinent product details are stored inside of a digital twin.

Verified Ownership

Customer Requests Credentials

The customer proves identity and is authorized using approved documentation.

Brand Verifies Credentials

Your brand seamlessly validates customer credentials.

Transaction Completed

Transaction Securely Recorded and Verified

The transaction is recorded and stored on an immutable distributed ledger.

Customer Receives Authentic Product

The transaction data can be recalled for any future verification needs or transactions.


Do More with Your Data

Get value beyond authentication and verification. Digitizing and storing data on a secure tamper-proof ledger brings added value empower to your business and customers.

Product Lifecycle Support

Share comprehensive information on sourcing practices, verify item authenticity and ownership, and reduce risk for parties during re-sale.

Brand, Community Engagement

Keep your customers engaged with your brand. Build loyalty and trust with personalized offers, invitations, and other post-sale services.

Frictionless Collaboration

Collaborate seamlessly on design and supply chain execution with partners and vendors, while maintaining tamper-proof security.

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