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Version 2.4.0 Release

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Version 2.4.0 of the Chia reference client is now available for download! This release includes a soft fork, so we recommend upgrading.

New features included with this release:

New wallet sync protocol

Version 2.3.0 saw the introduction of the wallet sync protocol from CHIP-26, which includes response pagination, advanced coin subscriptions, and improved reorg handling. These changes resulted in faster and more efficient wallet syncing. However, some features were still incomplete in that release.

In version 2.4.0, the new wallet sync protocol is fully implemented. The biggest improvement is the ability to receive updates for relevant transactions as they enter or leave the mempool. This will result in even better performance in syncing your wallet.

Observer wallets

Prior to this release, the Chia reference wallet always stored each public/private key pair locally. It was possible to maintain an offline key, for example in order to receive farmer rewards, but checking the balance required using a blockchain explorer. However, as a privacy feature, Chia wallets generate a new address each time they receive money. A blockchain explorer is therefore not always able to provide an accurate view of a wallet’s history.

To help with this issue, observer wallets are being introduced in version 2.4.0. When a wallet is set up in “observer” mode, only the public key is stored locally. This allows you to view your wallet’s history and balance without the risk of funds being stolen by someone who gains access to your computer.

For now, you have to use a CLI to set up an observer wallet, but you can use the GUI to view it. This feature will be fully implemented in the GUI in a future release. See our observer wallet guide to get started.

Increase block fill to 70%

In our ongoing effort to increase the maximum block utilization, we are bumping the fill rate to 70%. We intend to continue increasing this rate in the second half of 2024, until it reaches 100%. At that point, the network will run at a maximum speed of around 40 transactions per second (TPS).

Soft fork

This release includes a soft fork to bring our BLS implementation in line with industry standards around disallowing infinity G1 points. This fork will activate at block 5,940,000, which is expected to be created in September 2024. Please upgrade to 2.4.0 or later before then.

Discontinuing Big Sur Support Soon

This is the last Chia release that will support macOS 11 (Big Sur), for which Apple discontinued support in September 2023. If you are using Big Sur, please upgrade prior to the next Chia release.

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