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Realizing The Paris Agreement

The Paris Agreement ‘s Article 6 aims to limit global warming to 1.5°C through global cooperation to slow the momentum of the Climate Crisis, yet the carbon market lacks the necessary tech infrastructure to foster sustainable global adoption.


Can the right technology address these challenges?

Fragmented registries

The market relies on various disconnected registries that hinder communication and data transfers between parties.

Insufficient Transparency

Addressing market challenges of project provenance, double counting, and poor transparency starts with infrastructure for an open and interconnected economy.

Market inefficiency

The market issues range from carbon credit quality and provenance to tedious buy-side discovery.

How We Solved It

The transparency and equitable access offered by blockchain technology improved the carbon market’s value and sustainability.

Trusted Controls

Empower necessary innovation to create applications and solutions built on an open ecosystem.

Immutable Transparency

Secure the integrity of data shared between parties on a tamper-proof and easy-to-audit repository.  

Verifiable Credentials

Enable streamlined asset discovery, trading, and controlled custody of tokenized assets, without third-party intermediaries.

Climate Products

A comprehensive set of tools designed to streamline and transparently manage the issuance, management, and trading of carbon credits.


Delivering a High-Quality Carbon Market Instrument

The New Standard for Tokenized Carbon Offsets

The Carbon Opportunities Fund establishes criteria through innovative technologies for deploying capital to the Voluntary Carbon Markets.

Leveraging Cultivo’s data-driven selection process to select high-quality nature-based projects, carbon credits are tokenized and tracked on the Chia blockchain by the Climate Action Data Trust (CADT), enhancing the transparency and securing the integrity of carbon trading while contributing to the global effort to mitigate climate change.


Building a Standardized Infrastructure

Transforming the World’s Carbon Markets with IFC

The Climate Action Data Trust (CADT) is a decentralized metadata platform that harmonizes all major carbon registry data to enhance transparent accounting in line with Article 6 of the Paris Agreement and brings transparency and efficiency to carbon accounting using Chia’s Layer-1 blockchain technology and DataLayer application.

A Uniform Trust Management System

Our DataLayerTM technology securely and effectively manages the confidentiality of your organization’s data across consortium networks and databases.

chia climate wallet

Driving Market Efficiency & Transparency

Access Carbon Offsets & Transact Digital Assets

The Chia Climate Wallet enables the tokenization of carbon assets by the leading registries to allow for peer-to-peer asset transactions. Wallet owners hold complete control over the assets, their transfer, and retirement – without dependency on any external party.

The Essential Technology for Carbon Markets and Beyond

Green. Decentralized.
↑Scalable. ↑Secure.

Chia is a foundational open-source technology designed for real-world utility, solving for today’s siloed, manual-intensive, and inefficient centralized data infrastructures.

Chia’s Business White Paper

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