About Chia

Chia Network is a decentralized open source global blockchain which is less wasteful, more decentralized, and more secure. It is inspired and similar to the Bitcoin blockchain, but in Chia the resource is not computing power, but disk space. To achieve this, the “proofs of work” used in Bitcoin are replaced by “proofs of space”, so disk-space becomes the main resource. This is combined with “proofs of time” to come to a decentralized “Nakamoto-style” consensus that validates transactions.

Leadership Team

Bram Cohen

CEO, Chairman & Co-Founder

Creator of BitTorrent, which grew to over 40% of Internet Traffic.

Mitch Edwards


Ex-acting CEO and General Counsel Overstock.com, CFO and General Counsel, Skullcandy and BitTorrent.

Gene Hoffman


CEO/Founder Vindicia, sold to Amdocs and eMusic, sold to Vivendi Universal. PGP, Inc., Director Business Development.


Dan Boneh

Research Partner at a16z Crypto and Professor at Stanford University where he leads the Applied Cryptography group and co-leads the Computer Security Lab.

Katie Haun

Andreessen Horowitz General Partner, Coinbase, Haun led investigations into the Mt. Gox​ hack and corrupt agents on the Silk Road​ task force.

Elizabeth Stark

CEO of Lightning Labs and former lecturer of law and entrepreneurship at Stanford and Yale.

Our Investors


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