Enhance Your Digital Infrastructure

  • Record Keeping
  • Transaction Speeds
  • Process Redundancy
  • Fraud and Corruption
  • Security and Protection
  • Data Auditability
  • Ownership and Accountability
  • Data Security
  • Workflows and Efficiency

Strengthen Trust In Your Institution

Bolster your operations and workflows with Chia’s blockchain solutions, improving accountability and transparency both internally and externally in your institution.

Mitigate Fraud and Corruption

Ensure proper and verifiable usage of public funds. Build confidence and instill accountability in those who manage and use sensitive data, funds files, and more.

Safeguard Critical Data

Chia’s unique cryptography and decentralized technology ensure high security, keeping sensitive and critical data safe from hacking, breaches, and unauthorized access.

Reduce Bureaucracy

Remove data and process redundancies through immutable data storage, leading to greater shared trust, confidence, and quicker outcomes.

Streamline Workflows, Reduce Costs

Remove intermediaries, manual verification, and unnecessary administrative expenses. Automate enforcement and compliance, further reducing costs associated with traditional contract management.

Real-World Value of Blockchain Technology

Blockchains offer a superior toolkit to current technologies, addressing real-world challenges. Learn more about how Chia can solve common friction points across consortium institutions and organizations and enhance efficiency across all parties.

Real-World Use

Transforming the World’s Carbon Markets with IFC

International Finance Corporation Logo

IFC is bringing transparency and efficiency to carbon accounting using Chia’s Layer-1 blockchain technology and DataLayer application to enable global collaboration, transparency, and immutability.

Why Chia?

Built for Trust, Efficiency, and Transparency

Chia’s public blockchain is a highly secure distributed ledger technology built to enhance and solve today’s siloed, work-intensive, inefficient centralized data infrastructures.

A New Level of Trust

Transform your workflows and process operations into a transparent and tamper-proof ledger to efficiently trace, manage, and validate data or transactions. Protect governing entities from fraud, data manipulation, corruption, and other illegal activities with our immutable and transparent technology.

Secure, Immutable By Design

Chia employs advanced and innovative cryptographic techniques and decentralized architecture, making it highly secure against unauthorized access and data tampering. Strengthen the security of your network and sensitive data, while preventing breaches and attacks.

Auditable, Scalable Technology

Unlike conventional blockchains, our technology is designed to address real-world business challenges. Our programming language enables easy execution and auditing, while the innovative consensus model and tech stack allow for scalability while minimizing power consumption, overhead costs, and resource usage to help enhance your ROI.


Your Data is Critical. Don’t Settle.

Get the Best of a Private and Public Blockchain.

Virtual Private Blockchain (VPB) combines permission controls and privacy of existing databases with the network security and immutability of a public blockchain.

Enhanced Security

Our blockchain is highly decentralized by design, boosting your data’s security and resiliency.

Controlled Permissions

Enhance the visibility of your data while controlling who gets access to view and update your data.

True Data Integrity

Tamper-proof and easily validate your data. Confirm the accuracy, and audit and trace your data’s history.

Want More Details?

Our Business White Paper goes into depth on the transformative global impact of blockchain.

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