Digital Infrastructure to Improve Trust in Transactions

Secure, permissioned, and immutable data to bolster trust, enhance transparency, and verifiability across all parties.

Improve On:
  • Record Keeping
  • Transaction Speeds
  • Process Redundancy
  • Fraud and Corruption
  • Security and Protection
  • Data Accessbility
  • Data Auditability
  • Ownership and Accountability
  • Data Security
  • Data Standardization

Real-World Use Cases for Blockchain Technology

Blockchains offer a superior toolkit to current technologies, addressing real-world challenges. Learn more about how Chia can solve common points of friction across consortium institutions and organizations.

Process Integrity
Global Trading
Digital Identification
Custody and Control
Faster Payments

Our Global Impact

The Climate Action Data Trust

International Finance Corporation Logo

The World Bank, in partnership with IETA and the Republic of Singapore, selected Chia’s blockchain to create a new global public data infrastructure for the world’s carbon markets.

Our Mission

Scalable Solutions Built for Trust, Efficiency, and Transparency.

Chia’s public blockchain is a secure open-source technology for your organization’s database infrastructure. Built to enhance and solve today’s siloed, work-intensive, and inefficient centralized data infrastructures.

Security First

The new standard for blockchain security with 100,000+ global nodes across 150+ countries, makes Chia one of the most decentralized, thus secure blockchains in existence.

Regulatory Compliance

Primed to protect entities from fraud, data manipulation, and other illegal activities with our immutable technology.

Sustainability Leadership

A greener, more sustainable technology leveraging the strengths of our lightweight, and low-power data-proofing model. This means less ecological pollution for the planet and more value for you.


The Benefits of Public Blockchain with Private Database Controls

Why leave behind the advantages of either? Chia’s Virtual Private Blockchain application enables both.

Chia’s Public Blockchain

  • More Secure
  • Fully Immutable
  • 100% Uptime
  • More Autonomous
  • Completely Transparent
  • Peer-to-Peer Transactions
  • Energy and Cost Efficient

Private Databases

  • Permission Controls
  • Common Governance Rules
  • Are Programmable

Want More Details?

Our Business White Paper goes into depth on the transformative global impact of blockchain.

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