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Mint, collect, and trade goods. Not your creative rights.

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True digital ownership

Control Without Compromise

Set your own terms and price, collect your own royalties, preserve your work forever, and trade with confidence.

Get the Royalties You Deserve

Get paid upon any resale, whether on a centralized marketplace or directly peer-to-peer with our enforced on-chain royalties using Offer files.

Consistent Provenance

Detailed and more advanced proofing methods, such as DIDs (decentralized identifiers) whether you are a creator or owner.

Peer-2-Peer Trading

Trade and exchange on your own terms and price, without the reliance and unnecessary fees of marketplaces. Trade without worry, counter-party risks, or scams.

True Preservation

Preserve creations and collections forever, even when your assets live on centralized exchanges and marketplaces. Our unique coin set model means true ownership, not just recorded data on a smart contract.

Create & MINT on a revolutionary blockchain

↑Green. ↑Decentralized.
↑Scalable. ↑Secure.






Volume (USD)*

*Since the Launch of our NFT1 Standard in June 2022

Built for Creators First


We chose Chia blockchain not only because NFT1 truly put creators’ rights back to their hands, but also because Chia offer file allows P2P transactions for mixed assets include NFT & CAT. And Chia’s DataLayer and DID provide a rich and broad imagination space for NFT projects.


Problems solved

Royalties Provenance ✅
Permanence ✅
Peer to peer ✅
Trade anything for anything ✅
Datalayer ✅
Coin-set ownership ✅
Economical ✅
Eco friendly ✅
Security ✅

The first real #web3 NFT standard exists. Why settle for anything less?


A supportive community, easy minting tools, and a low cost to enter. Mint your entire masterpiece collection today with just a few clicks and a handful of Mojo’s, which you can get free from a faucet. Need to mint more? Plot some spare HDD space and join a pool.

Tutorials to Help Creators Thrive

Wallet Setup

Set up your Chia wallet and Decentralized Identifier (DID).


Buy and Sell

A step-by-step on how to buy and sell NFTs from your Chia wallet.

Peer-2-Peer NFT Trades

Chia Offers allow for trading without the need of a middleman. Easily create a listing for your NFTs, set the price and post to a marketplace (or even directly to Twitter). Anyone can accept your terms and complete a transaction in a Chia wallet.

✅ Avoid scams and other counter-party risks

✅ No marketplace fees

✅ Get more control and value

NFTs Grown on Chia

Explore NFTs and NFT collections built on Chia.

Level-Up Your Next Gaming Project

Unparalleled transparency, security, and verifiability on our public blockchain to take your game’s experience to the next-level. Let Chia help unlock the potential of your next game.

Explore NFTs Beyond Art

Digital collectibles, ticketing, loyalty programs, real-estate, automotive, gaming and much more. Explore the possibilities of how Chia’s blockchain can support your next project or brand.

Why Chia?

Create and Unlock the Potential


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