Notes from Chia

March 17
Chia 1.0 Mainnet
Today we release version 1.0 of the Chia Blockchain.
March 15
Chia Mainnet Update - March 15
We want to give you an update on mainnet timing and our general plans around the launch.
March 4
Farming and Electricity Usage in Chia
Come join a cocktail hour panel Friday March 5 and learn about the most efficient way to farm large quantities of plotted storage and tal...
February 22
Chia plotting basics
February 16
Meet the plotting experts
Come join a cocktail hour panel with Chia whales^H^H^H^H^H^H experts in plotting.
February 10
The Chia Business Whitepaper
Yesterday evening we released the first version of our Business Whitepaper. The goal of this document was to go into depth on the transfo...
November 10
Pools in Chia
As the launch of Chia’s mainnet approaches I want to go over the current status of farmer pools in Chia and what the plans for pooling ar...
October 8
OG Space Farming Contest
A faster plotter and a k=32 plot size minimum mean it’s time for a new farming contest!
July 31
A T-shirt contest for Space Farmers
Now that the finalized plot format is out in Beta 1.8 and Beta 1.9, it’s time for some fun.
April 29
Launching Coloured Coins
Blockchains should make issuing and using coins and assets easier and more trustworthy than in the analog world, but so far the functiona...
February 25
So You Want to be a Space Farmer?
With the release of Alpha 1.4 of the Chia blockchain there is no better time to become a farmer of Space and Time! The Chia testnet block...
November 27
Introducing Chialisp
We just launched our first version of the Chialisp language and on-chain programming environment, which introduces a new and much better ...
November 26
Introducing The Alpha Release Of The Chia Blockchain
The Chia blockchain and consensus algorithm aims to provide a more environmentally friendly, decentralized, and secure alternative to pro...
July 18
Chia VDF Competition Round 2 Results and Announcements
Congratulations to Sundersoft for winning both tracks of the second Chia VDF competition and earning $100,000!
July 17
This Week in Tech interviews Bram Cohen about Chia, and Libra
Following the release of our green paper and the launch of our Proof of Space competition Chia has received lots of positive attention fr...
July 7
Chia Network Announces Proof of Space Competition with $100k in Total Prize Money
We’re excited to announce Chia’s Proof of Space competition. In Chia’s Proof of Space, rewards are given to farmers that can prove that t...
April 4
Chia Network Announces 2nd VDF Competition with $100,000 in Total Prize Money
A few months ago we wrapped up our initial VDF implementation competition and were amazed by the excellent quality of the submissions. Th...
March 25
Building a Sustainable Blockchain, With Your Help
Decentralized, digital currencies will soon evolve from being a futuristic concept to a mainstream reality. They’ll offer liquidity to th...
January 17
Chia VDF Competition Round 1 Results and Announcements
Thank you to everyone who participated in the first round of Chia Network’s Verifiable Delay Function (VDF) competition. The round conclu...
November 7
Chia VDF Competition Guide
Chia Network recently launched a three month long competition to create faster implementations of our proofs of time and get a better han...
June 11
The ASIC Resistance of Proof of Space
A recent podcast speculated quite a bit about the economics of Chia Network’s new proof of space and time consensus algorithm.