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We’re moving to Discord – Part 2

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We’re excited to officially welcome you to the Chia Network Discord server! As of today, our new public channel is open to the community and we encourage you to join us.

We’ve outlined specific instructions and requirements to guide your transition from Keybase to Discord. These steps will ensure the utmost security for all involved. Additionally, please note that at least one social profile connection will be required for entry to the server, and DMs from other members of the server will need to be disabled, as outlined when you first join. Requests submitted without completing these two requirements will be denied access, and don’t forget to make sure your privacy settings aren’t hiding your social profile connections from view!

Please follow the steps below to join our Discord channel:

  1. Start with this link:
  2. Follow the instructions, ensuring that at least one connection is added and DMs from other server members are disabled in the server’s privacy settings, and click Complete
  3. Agree to the “Rules” prompt that follows
  4. Click Request Permission

Once you have requested permission, your account will be placed in the entry queue for review before admission. Our staff will work as quickly as possible to verify and admit users. Upon admission, you will be able to see all available rooms and can leave the #request-permission room at your convenience.

There may be a bit of a queue as the initial mass migration takes place resulting in wait times, but in the future, we expect this entire process to take minutes. We appreciate your patience as we work through the verification and admission process.

We look forward to seeing you on Discord! 🌱

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