Security is Everything

Ingrained Within

We firmly believe that enterprises will only embrace blockchains and digital assets that prioritize security.

Our advanced cryptography and decentralized architecture ensure strong security and resiliency against potential attacks and prevent unauthorized access and data tampering.

Resilient Infrastructure

Our public blockchain is the most decentralized, making it highly secure and resilient against attacks, breaches, and censorship.

Smart Coins and Contracts

Smart contracts are built into smart coins to offer a more secure, controlled, and auditable way to share, manage, and access data.

Programming Language

Chialisp is a native and functional programming language built for security, simplicity, and auditability, making it clearer to review data and code.

How We Stack

Public BlockchainsPrivate BlockchainChia’s
Node CountNetwork ResilienceAverageAverage Very High
DecentralizationNetwork IntegrityHighLowVery High
Authorization ToolsData, participant verificationHighAverageVery High
Auditable LanguageEase of auditing records and codeLowAverageVery High
ImmutabilityTamper-proofingHighAverageVery High

Note: Conventional blockchains include popular blockchains such as Ethereum, Hedera, Bitcoin, and others.

More Decentralized

100,000+ Nodes Across 150+ Countries Worldwide

The Chia blockchain is the most decentralized ever, operating the network, 3-4X as many as Bitcoin. Decentralization offers more security and resilience to the network and users.

Higher Nakamoto Coefficient

The larger the Nakamoto Coefficient is compared to the number of nodes or validators, the more decentralized the blockchain network is. Through our revolutionary pooling protocol, each of our farmers is the actual entity assembling and signing each block.

Secure Programming Language

ChiaLisp, a derivative of Lisp, incorporates specialized operators for smart contracts. Emphasizing the Functional Programming (FP) paradigm over a state-based approach enhances security and simplifies development.

Completely Sandboxed

Chialisp resource utilization is completely controlled. The language needs to be run on half a million computers, so it is important that the program cannot reach out and affect anyone’s machine in an unintended way.

A Lisp program is evaluated and therefore cannot spawn any new processes or interact with the system it is running on.

Inherently Interoperable

In the Chia ecosystem, every smart coin is essentially a coin with an embedded smart contract, and thanks to Chialisp’s homoiconicity (code and data are represented the same), all smart coins can interact seamlessly with one another.

Simple Auditability

Chialisp Virtual Machine offers a straightforward and regular syntax for a Turing-complete blockchain programming language, enabling auditors to review and understand the code with ease.

Our Incredible Community

Chia’s community is at the core of Chia’s security efforts, contributing to the blockchain’s security through farming, testing, and building.

Open-Source Code

Our code is publicly accessible and is regularly reviewed by our global community for security vulnerabilities, bugs, and more. This helps identify, correct, and improve potential security issues or threats.

Made Better By You

Continuing to audit new features or enhancements, educate and inform new members, farm to increase node count, and openly share feedback is monumental to our continued success.

Dive Deeper

Learn more about our scalable, modular, and sustainable technology that enables usage for multiple applications.