Growthe Network

Start farming with spare hard drive storage and get rewarded with XCH. Simple to start and easy to scale.

Accessible and Scalable

Farm Rewards → Repeat

Mine Farm from your home using spare hard drive storage, without the huge electric bill.

Help secure Chia’s decentralized blockchain and get rewarded.

How It Works


Using Chia’s app, plot files are generated with random hashes and transferred to a hard drive, filling up spare storage space.


Plot files are continuously scanned for valid proofs using a lightweight process through Chia’s native app.


Once proofs in the plot files are validated, a farmer creates a block to add to Chia’s blockchain.


You can get rewarded with XCH. Join a pool (farming community) for more frequent reward opportunities.

Download our Application and Get Started

Connect to our network and watch our farming intro video.

Farming vs. Mining

Farming does not require large amounts of power consumption when you start or scale, unlike conventional crypto mining.


Reward Yourself and the World

Support and secure a public blockchain built to help solve our world’s challenges.

Less than 1% the energy consumption vs Proof-of-Work models like Bitcoin (BTC)

✅ Low energy bills

✅ Reduces e-waste

✅ Simple to start and scale

Circular Drive Initiative Logo

For the Greater Good

The Circular Drive Initiative (CDI) is a partnership of global leaders in digital storage, data centers, sustainability, and blockchain collaborating to reduce e-waste. Chia Network has partnered with Seagate, Western Digital, and others.

Re-Certified Drives, Ideal for Chia Farming

Working in partnership with Chia Network, Horizon Technology is providing great prices on orders for re-certified high-capacity Seagate drives.

Scalable by Design

Farming, At Any Level

From the curious to the serious. Scale over time to grow your potential.

More storage space means more reward opportunities.



For Starters



Harvesters, Plotters



Rack Scales, Servers

An Out-of-the-Box Setup

Evergreen has made farming even more accessible with easily scalable SSD hubs and their app to manage it all.

Calculate Your Rewards (XCH)

Based on your storage.
Use the slider to calculate:


Farm Together, Grow Together

Earn and secure our blockchain with the Chia community. Farming pools allow a team of farmers of your choosing to combine farms and earn rewards more consistently.

Start a pool or explore joining existing pools here.

Maximize Your Farming Experience

Farming 101: A Step-By-Step Guide
GPU Mining vs. Chia Farming Profitability

Farming Terms and Glossary

Beginners Guide to Farming Chia in Windows

Get Started with Chia: SSD & Hard Disk

Watch Dave’s Garage to learn the benefits of farming vs mining and how to get started farming XCH.

Why Chia?

GPU Mining is Dead

Digital Spaceport explains why everyone should consider Chia farming vs. mining post-ETH merger.

For Starters

Setting Up the Evergreen Miner

VoskCoin goes into the setup and tips for the hard drive crafted as a plug-and-play.

For Experts

Competitive Farming – Dive Into HHD and TCO

Chia Decentral walks through how to build a power-efficient farm.

Farming Steps

Chia Farming on Raspberry Pi 4

Nova Spirit Tech explains how to start and set up your farm using a mini-computer.

The next evolution in Blockchain

Secure Like PoW.
Green Like PoS.

We’ve built a more secure and greener consensus model (PoST) combining the best of today’s popular blockchains.

ConsensusProof of
Work (PoW)
Proof of
Stake (PoS)
Proof of Space
and Time (PoST)
DecentralizationHighLowVery High
Energy UseVery High Very Low Low
Initial CostHigh High Low
Nakamoto Consensus introduced (Proof of Work)

The basis of decentralized networks makes blockchain technology possible.

Negativity surrounds Proof of Work’s energy consumption

Server dependence to maintain the network’s operations skyrockets energy demands to unsustainable levels.

Proof of Stake created to address energy issue

Proof of Stake may have lowered energy consumption, but raised security concerns.

Security issues still in question

Ethereum adopts a Proof of Stake mechanism with many still questioning how secure Proof of Stake really is.

Chia introduces Proof of Space & Time

Chia retains the value of blockchain technology by combining the security of Proof of Work and the energy efficiency of Proof of Stake.

The Power of The Community

Farming Guides and Resources


Goby Logo
Pawket Logo
Hoogii logo
DZone Logo


Space Pool Logo
XCH Pool Logo
Flexpool Logo
Open Chia Logo
Teepool Logo
Space Farmers Logo
Chia Pooling Guide Logo

Calculating Taxes

Additional Resources

Chia Docs

Documentation about the Chia blockchain, farming, NFTs, consensus, and protocols.

Chia Developer Forums

Discuss all things development related to Chialisp, CATs, applications, NFTs, and more.

Cultivation Grant Program

Designed to enable and expand promising new projects that are built on the Chia blockchain.

Chia Crash Course

A foundational end-to-end understanding of our blockchain. Become an expert.

Chia Technical FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the Chia blockchain and its function.

Chia Network Inc. FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Chia Network Inc., the company.

Chia Support

Have questions? We have answers. Join the discussions and ask questions on our official Discord community channel.

Access our official documents, guides, tools, and chat groups for support.