Enhance Your Digital Infrastructure

Instill seamless trust, strengthen security, and mitigate points of friction across your business with Chia’s distributed ledger technology.

  • System Resiliency
  • Data Integrity
  • Record Keeping and Auditability
  • Interoperability
  • Credentialing and Authentication
  • Fraud Mitigation
  • Transaction Speeds
  • Stakeholder Accountability
  • Data Traceability
  • Provenance and Ownership


Architected for Real-World Utility

Get the frictionless trust and workflow agility demanded in today’s complex, globalized, and digital world.

Cross-Collab Seamlessly

Enable partners and organizations across various networks, apps, and services to access, integrate, and exchange data harmoniously.

Confidently Leverage Data

Establish data integrity and durability with a verifiable and tamper-proof repository of records, logs, files, data, and more. Transact with confidence knowing your data is valid.

Get Real-Time Visibility

Access, secure, and share real-time data seamlessly across networks to ensure transparency, integrity, and provenance throughout your business workflows, enhancing collaboration with partners and customers.

Remove Verification Friction

Enhance data visibility securely through streamlined access operations with no third-party interference, thanks to our permissions and credentials applications.

Mitigate Network Risk

Mitigate fraud, data discrepancies, and manipulation with enhanced custody technology. Authenticate access to your ID, data, files, and more without costly security tools.

Transact Faster

Leverage our uniquely designed smart tokens and blockchain infrastructure to store, update, transfer, or transact with validated parties across a secure network.

Explore how Chia’s solutions can help optimize your workflows, security, and infrastructure.


A Trusted Technology for Global Carbon Markets

Transforming the World’s Carbon Markets with IFC

IFC is bringing transparency and efficiency to carbon accounting using Chia’s Layer-1 blockchain technology and DataLayer application to enable trust, cross-collaboration, transparency, and immutability.

Seamless Trust Management

Our DataLayerTM technology securely and effectively manages the confidentiality of your organization’s data when multiple parties are involved.


Transformative Technology

Enhance trust and efficiency by modernizing systems, streamlining workflows, and improving transparency and security.

Supply Chain

Enable real-time end-to-end tracking of goods and inventory, secure data sharing, and automated transaction verification, leading to improved efficiency, and reduced costs.


Digitize medical records, streamline insurance processes, ensure secure claims and payment processing, and maintain quality and compliance standards.


Avoid the need for central authorities for compliance, clearance, and transactions. Streamline cross-border payments, automate loan processing, and more.

Financial Markets

Foster trust, reduce fraud, and automate complex financial processes to help streamline operations and eliminate intermediaries, thus cutting costs.


Reduce administrative burdens, mitigate corruption, and instill trust among citizens and officials. Improve data security, record-keeping, and transparency.


Enhance the security, authenticity, and accessibility of academic records. Facilitate fast, secure transactions like issuing certificates, and enabling payments for educational resources and services.

Why Chia?

Built for Trust, Security, and Efficiency.

A revolutionary open-source blockchain technology designed to solve today’s siloed, manual-intensive, and inefficient centralized data infrastructures.

A New Level of Trust

Transform your digital infrastructure into a transparent and tamper-proof ledger to efficiently trace, manage, and validate data or transactions. Help bolster trust and accountability among participants, vendors, partners, governing bodies, and customers. Usher a new level of trust amongst parties in your infrastructure.

Enterprise-Level Security

Chia employs advanced and innovative cryptographic techniques and decentralized architecture, making it highly secure against unauthorized access and data tampering. Strengthen the security of your network and sensitive data, while preventing breaches and attacks.

Scalable, Efficient Infrastructure

Unlike traditional blockchains, our technology targets practical business issues. Our native programming language enables effortless execution and auditing, and the unique consensus model and tech stack ensure scalability while reducing power consumption and costs while increasing transaction speed to optimize your ROI.


Your Data is Critical. Don’t Compromise.

Get the Best of a Private and Public Blockchain.

Get the permission controls and privacy of your existing database, with the security and immutability of a public blockchain with Chia.

Enhanced Security

Our blockchain is highly decentralized by design, boosting your data’s security and resiliency.

Controlled Permissions

Enhance the visibility of your data while controlling who gets access to view and update your data.

True Data Integrity

Tamper-proof and easily validate your data. Confirm the accuracy, and audit and trace your data’s history.

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Our Business White Paper goes into depth on the transformative global impact of blockchain.

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