chia blockchain integration and adoption for digital infrastructure

Transform Your Digital Infrastructure

Bolster trust, enhance security, and reduce points of friction in your database.

Ideal For:
  • Supply Chain
  • Healthcare
  • Financial Markets
  • Banks
  • Government
  • and More


Built for Security, Trust, and Efficiency. No Compromises.

A foundational open-source technology designed for real-world utility, solving for today’s siloed, manual-intensive, and inefficient centralized data infrastructures.

Built for Utility

Architected from the ground up, our technology provides more value and efficiency through significantly less power consumption from our consensus modeling. This means less overhead costs and a more bolstered ROI as usage or infrastructure scales over time.

Enterprise-Grade Security

We’re secure by design, running over 100,000+ nodes across 150+ countries globally. More nodes mean more decentralization, making us significantly safer from attacks and breaches.

Agile, Stable Infrastructure

Unlike centralized databases, there is no need to worry about maintenance or downtime. Our turing-complete functional programming language, Chialisp, is easily scalable and auditable.


Your Data is Critical. Don’t Compromise.

Get the Best of a Private and Public Blockchain.

Get the permission controls and privacy of your existing database, with the security and immutability of a public blockchain with Chia.

Enhanced Security

Our blockchain is highly decentralized by design, boosting your data’s security and resiliency.

Controlled Permissions

Enhance the visibility of your data while controlling who gets access to view and update your data.

True Data Integrity

Tamper-proof and easily validate your data. Confirm the accuracy, and audit and trace your data’s history.


Architected for Real-World Utility

Our blockchain tech stack solves challenges with:

Process Integrity
Global Trading
Digital Identification
Custody and Control

Transforming the World’s Carbon Markets with IFC

IFC is bringing transparency and efficiency to carbon accounting using Chia’s Layer-1 blockchain technology to enable cross-collaboration, transparency, and immutability.

Bolster Trust and Transparency Across All Parties

Our DataLayerTM technology securely and effectively manages data sets between multiple organizations to drive better business outcomes. Restore trust in your shared data.


Transformative Across Industries

Chia can improve resiliency, transparency, and autonomy across:

Supply Chain
Financial Markets

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