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Enhance your business operations with Chia’s technology. Foster trust, strengthen security, and improve overall productivity.

Built for:
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Supply Chain
  • Payments
  • Financial Markets
  • Consumer Goods
  • Banking
  • Climate
  • Artifical Intelligence
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Manage Your Data With Confidence

Thrive in today’s complex, interconnected, and globalized economy. Share, store, and transact critical data with more agility, efficiency, and security.

Strengthen Security

Our tech is highly decentralized by design, effectively boosting your network’s resiliency and data durability.

Control Permissions

Manage data visibility and access through permission controls and cryptography, extending protection even across multiple networks.

Foster Data Integrity

Ensure that data remains tamper-proof, traceable, and verifiable. Seamlessly audit data transactions, records, and history.


What Could You Do With More
Confidence In Your Data?

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The Trusted Technology For
Global Carbon Markets

Transforming the World’s Carbon Markets with IFC

IFC is bringing transparency and efficiency to carbon accounting using Chia’s ledger and DataLayerTM technology to bolster infrastructure and enable global adoption of their markets.

A Secure, Unified Trust Management System

Utilize a secure decentralized data store to effectively manage confidential organizational data in multi-party scenarios, resistant to fraud and interference.

Scalable Across Industries

Remove cost inefficiencies, automate workflows, bolster participant trust, and deliver more overall value to your business operations.

Supply Chain

  • Real-time end-to-end traceability
  • Secure and control access to data
  • Automate transactions, verification processes
  • Improve overall efficiency & reduce costs


  • Digitize medical records and logs
  • Control access to patient data across parties
  • Automate insurance processes and administrative tasks
  • Secure claims and payment processing
  • Maintain quality & compliance standards


  • Avoid the need for central authority compliance, clearance, and transactions
  • Streamline cross-border payments
  • Automate loan processing


  • Reduce administrative burdens
  • Mitigate corruption and fraud
  • Control access to valuable data
  • Instill trust among citizens and officials
  • Improve data security, record-keeping, and transparency

Financial Markets

  • Reduce fraud and automate complex financial processes
  • Create innovative products and services for customers
  • Improve operations and eliminate intermediaries, thus cutting costs.
  • Streamline data and code auditing with regulating bodies

Why Chia?

Built For Trust, Security, And Efficiency

A New Level of Trust

Elevate trust and transparency in your infrastructure by adopting a tamper-proof ledger, ensuring data integrity, and enhancing trust among stakeholders.

Enterprise-Level Security

Chia’s advanced cryptography and decentralized design fortify network and data security, thwarting unauthorized access and tampering, and preventing breaches.

Scalable Infrastructure

Our native programming language, unique consensus, and tech stack boost scalability, cut costs, and enhance ROI through faster transactions.

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