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Bug Bounty Program: Moving to HackerOne for Enhanced Security

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We’re transitioning our bug bounty program from Bugcrowd to HackerOne, a leading bug bounty platform, effective today. This change will allow us to:

  • Expand our reach: Connect with a broader pool of talented security researchers worldwide, increasing the probability of discovering potential vulnerabilities.
  • Streamline the process: Make reporting and tracking more accessible for researchers with HackerOne’s user-friendly interface and efficient workflow.
  • Enhance collaboration: Lead to faster resolution of vulnerabilities through better communication and collaboration between our security team and researchers.

All information on our bug bounty program can be found on our HackerOne profile.


What is changing?

The main change is the platform we use to manage our bug bounty program. To participate in the program and submit your reports, you’ll need to create a new account on HackerOne.

Why are we making this change?

We believe HackerOne offers several advantages that will ultimately lead to a more effective bug bounty program. The platform boasts a wider reach, streamlined processes, and improved collaboration capabilities.

How will this affect you, if at all?

If you’re already a participant in our bug bounty program on Bugcrowd, you won’t be able to submit new reports after 3 pm CST (9 pm UTC) on Thursday, February 29, 2024. However, we will transfer all existing reports submitted on Bugcrowd to HackerOne and handle them accordingly. We encourage you to create a new account on HackerOne to continue participating in the program and explore the new platform. We’ll be providing additional resources and support during the transition period to ensure a smooth experience for everyone involved.

We’re confident that this move will strengthen our security posture and further our commitment to building a secure environment for everyone. We appreciate your continued support and participation in our bug bounty program!

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