Chia Cultivation Grant Program

Chia Networks is committed to growing and nurturing the Chia ecosystem in as many ways as possible, not only via applications and functionality we develop, but via encouraging our highly engaged community to unleash its creativity within the ecosystem.

We know that members of the community will create amazing open source projects of their own, and that some of those projects will very likely stand as pillars of the community and ecosystem.

To that end, in an effort to further support high-potential projects and teams, Chia Networks is excited to announce the launch of the Chia Cultivation Grant program!

Grant Recipients

People or teams who have caught the eye of Chia’s senior leadership and present a compelling proposal as to why they feel their vision, talent, and expertise are uniquely positioned to add material value to the community are provided modest financial support via grants.

Chia Networks is committed to helping those teams realize their vision and highlighting the potential value Chia feels they bring to the ecosystem with promotional assets and support.

Chialisp applications
Blockchain tools
Other projects

How to Apply

In the coming weeks, we will add further information on the program to this page. We will provide full details of the program, as well as profile current recipients of Grants and more. Until then, watch this space for more updates, and if you have a team with a project vision you think would be a potential candidate for a Grant, you can reach out to us at [email protected].

Take Note

Please note at this time, due to the potential volume of applications and interest, we cannot guarantee we will be able to individually follow up with all applicants, and will be prioritizing those who present a fully fleshed out in-depth proposal that incorporates not only a solid idea, but milestones, fiscal and resource budgets, team information, etc.