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Learn Chialisp with Clovyr and Compete in our Upcoming Developer Challenge

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Update below with dates and registration.

Since the launch of mainnet last year, we at Chia have been working hard to increase the adoption of the Chia blockchain. We’ve focused our energy on building reference implementations like the Pool Reference, Chialisp standards such as CAT1, and support for DEXes with Offers. In these efforts, the Chia team has led the development charge, but it has always been our goal to build a strong developer community that can bring new and exciting innovations of their own to Chia. To support this goal we are investing in developer tools, training materials, and programs to support our growing developer ecosystem.

Today we are announcing a partnership with Clovyr as well as the first Developer Challenge.

About Clovyr

Clovyr makes alternatives to data-hungry SaaS applications. Whether people choose to run a blog, a chat server for friends, or self-custody a node, Clovyr makes it easy for anyone to run apps and services on any host and access them privately from any web browser. The platform is privacy-preserving in novel and meaningful ways: once launched, no usage data from any apps in a user’s library are passed through Clovyr’s infrastructure.

Clovyr Code is a full-featured VSCode instance accessible via the browser. Unlike other remote development environments, Clovyr Code offers a fully-functional terminal running on a private VPS accessible only to the user. The current beta on offers one-click environments for many popular programming languages like JavaScript and Rust.

Today, the Clovyr and Chia teams are releasing a new environment for the Clovyr Code beta which is tailor-made for Chialisp developers. Pre-built with all the necessary command-line tools and even a pre-synced full node on the Chia testnet, we’re reducing the time to get building on Chia without sacrificing the power of a completely customizable developer environment.

Developer Challenge

To help celebrate this partnership, we are announcing a Developer Challenge event, focusing on development that leverages the Clovyr Code development environment for Chia. This developer challenge will be an online event where developers will compete to create innovative solutions using the Chia blockchain and Chialisp on Clovyr’s development tools. Winners of the 24-hour challenge will be awarded prizes in the form of crypto or fiat funds, at their discretion. This first Developer Challenge’s registration will open on Thursday, January 20th along with further details and a breakdown of the prize structure. The specific objectives and judging criteria will be announced when the challenge kicks off during the first week of February 2022.

To begin preparing for the Developer Challenge, begin learning Chialisp and explore the Clovyr chia environment today!

Registration and Dates

To help promote our new Chialisp integration with Clovyr’s developer platform, we are announcing a 24-hour developer challenge, kicking off on February 3rd at 12-noon PST (8:00 PM UTC).

Registered developers will be given a prompt on the morning of that day with the goal and judging criteria. The challenge will last through the 24 hour window until time is up at 12-noon PST the following day, February 4th. Chia Network engineers will be on-hand in Keybase (Note: We have moved from Keybase to Discord) to provide Chialisp support and guidance during that 24 hour window, to help answer questions and provide guidance.

In the days following the event, we will announce a grand prize winner of $10,000, a runner up of $5,000 and a 3rd place prize of $2,500 payable via Crypto or Fiat (USD) at your preference.

Further details and specifics will be given at the start of the event, and Chia Network staff will be happy to answer any questions you might have in our Keybase server in the meantime. To sign up, fill out the registration form here:

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