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Version 1.7.1 Release

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Version 1.7.1 of the Chia reference client is now available for download! This release focuses on user experience improvements, including updates for Key Management, WalletConnect support, notifications, offers, and NFTs. We’ll cover the updates for end users, and developers. 

General User Experience Improvements

Wallet Updates

We’re introducing an array of GUI wallet improvements to enhance the overall user experience. Specific wallet updates and areas of support are outlined below:

Newly Redesigned Wallet Key Home Screen 

For those with more than one wallet key, managing your wallet keys just got easier. With the new design you can now do the following:

  • Assign a visual theme for each wallet key choosing a color and an emoji
  • Reorder your keys using the drag and drop capabilities
  • New starting point to “Add Wallet” to create a new wallet or import a wallet
  • If you are upgrading the wallet and have an existing set of wallet keys, each key will be randomly assigned a color and emoji

Improved Ability to Recover a Wallet with Syncing Issues 

With 1.7.1, instead of deleting your wallet DB and losing valuable data, you can now trigger a resync of the wallet DB. Your wallet’s off-chain data such as Offers and CAT names will be preserved. Resyncing your wallet DB will require you to restart all of the running Chia services.

GUI Feature for Signing and Verifying Ownership Messages

In this release, we’ve added a GUI feature that allows users to sign and verify messages in order to prove ownership of wallet keys, NFTs or DIDs.

XCH and CAT Transaction History Updates

With this version, the transaction ledger now displays the date, amount, and fee, while the transaction’s “To” column has been moved to the right-hand side. As a receiver of a transaction, you can also view your received transaction memos by expanding its details. 

Offers Updates

Improvements to Offer Notification Experience

Version 1.7.1 features improvements to the overall offer notification experience aimed at increasing accessibility. Details regarding these enhancements are included in the following sections:

Counter-Offers Available When Viewing an Offer 

With this update, we have enabled users to start a counter-offer when viewing an Offer received from a notification. This feature is in addition to the ability to view all Offer notifications. 

Cancellation of Conflicting Offers Preventing Offer Acceptance

Cancel conflicting offers that would prevent an Offer taker from accepting the Offer – 

In the event a user issues a counter-offer or attempts to accept an Offer when their balance is tied up in an existing Offer, version 1.7.1 allows for the cancellation of these conflicting Offers – unlocking the balance and enabling you to accept an Offer or complete a counter-offer proposal. 

One-sided Offer Support 

To facilitate more accessible onboarding for the distribution of CATs and NFTs, the Chia wallet now allows Offer makers to solely offer an asset without requiring an asset exchange process. Users can implement this new feature, by simply not adding assets under the “Requesting” side of the Offer Builder, or inputting a zero value into the XCH request amount. 

NFT Updates

Included in the 1.7.1 release are updates for the improved loading performance of NFT content, which we’ve highlighted below:

Improved Loading Performance for Wallets with Large Numbers of NFTs (> 100 NFTs)

For wallets with more than 100 NFTs, downloading version 1.7.1 will improve your loading performance for NFT-specific content. 

NFT Multi-select Download

With our new multi-select download multi-select download feature, you can select multiple NFTs and download the associated media files all in one single click. 

For Developers and Creators (RPC and CLI only):

General improvements

Wallet Address Derivation Information 

In previous versions, the default behavior uses a new wallet address with each transaction for greater privacy. Starting with this release, wallet users who wish to optimize for performance can choose not to generate new addresses.

  • To update this setting, edit conifg.yaml, change the value of reuse_public_key_for_change to true, and restart Chia.

This setting will apply to all transactions involving XCH, CATs, or NFTs, as well as all transactions accepting Offers. The RPCs will also allow for an override of the global default that can be specified for each transaction should you want more privacy for that specific transaction.

WalletConnect Updates

We’ve made a series of improvements to our WalletConnect integration to enable DApp developers to expand what they can do with a connected Chia wallet. Some of those changes include:

  • DIDs – Added capability for DApps to enable getting a list of DIDs, and create DIDs
  • NFTs – A DApp can enable the transfer of NFTs to a Profile (DID) to apply their stamp and add to the provenance of NFTs
  • Signatures – Added ability to verify signatures using the new signing RPCs with either an XCH address or ID.

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