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Chia Mainnet Year Two: The Year of You

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We’re thrilled to celebrate the second anniversary of our Mainnet launch with you! It is incredible to think about how far we’ve come in such a short time, from a zoom call with dozens of community members to over 100,000 nodes globally (and even in-person events today across six continents!). The growth, scale, and adoption of Chia humble us. 

The Chia ecosystem is what it is today because of you. We believe the ecosystem will grow, in large part, thanks to your effort and engagement, your development and collaboration, your feedback when we get something right (and definitely when we get it wrong), and most importantly, your belief and trust in our vision.

Chia is special to us, and you’ve shown us how special it is to you too. So this year, it’s your turn. We’re celebrating the community, the beating heart of Chia. The ecosystem isn’t just about the technology, but the people behind it, the memes, the weekly Wednesday “Wen announces,” the creativity, and the artistic expression. Your passion, dedication, and enthusiasm have been invaluable. We may steward the Chia ecosystem, but you are the future.

The community has been hard at work. We’ve seen tools and infrastructure solve needs and novel technologies and use cases address challenges with the industry status quo.    

And when we say the Chia blockchain is built for everyone, by everyone – we mean it. Our technology isn’t just a tool for finance, engineers, and cryptographers; we believe it offers much more. It’s opening up the digital world for artists and builders like ChiRex and his son, pushing the boundaries of expression like /Futuradora, and changing the way we interact with art forever like MonkeyZoo.

From the team at Chia, thank you. 

We’ll continue working toward our vision; scaling the network, expanding use cases and tools, and improving the user experience, and we’re excited to do so with the continued support and involvement of the community. Whether you are a farmer, a developer, a budgie, an advocate, an artist, a creator, or a community member, we could not have grown to where we are without you – and we look forward to growing more alongside you. 

Mainnet Year Two Infographic

infographic with statistics, quotes, timeline about Chia mainnet year 2

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