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New Features Available with 1.6.1

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Version 1.6.1 of the Chia reference client is now available for download. This update includes several exciting new features, which we’ll highlight in this post. 

Offer Builder

When we introduced NFTs to Chia’s ecosystem a few months ago, we only included the ability to offer them for XCH. Later, we added support for CAT-NFT offers, but our ultimate goal was to enable offers of anything for anything.

This ability has been unlocked. The new Offer Builder allows you to add any Chia assets, including XCH, CATs, and NFTs on both sides of the offer.

Here are just a few examples of what you can now do with Offers:

  • Sell an NFT for Spacebucks
  • Swap an NFT for another NFT
  • Sell three NFTs in exchange for two NFTs and XCH

By virtue of Offers, these trades incur zero counterparty risk. They can also be undertaken without using an exchange.

Here’s an example of a more complex Offer:

Note that no royalties will be assessed on NFT-for-NFT offers. Our FAQs have the full set of rules used when assessing royalties for complex offers.

NFT Multi-Offer Demonstration

BladeBit 2.0

The BladeBit 2.0 plotter is now included in the reference GUI. This version adds support for disk-based plotting. RAM plotting will continue to be supported going forward. See our blog post for more in depth details about Bladebit 2.0.

Display Additional NFT File Formats

In previous versions of Chia’s reference wallet, NFTs were only displayed if they contained images or gifs. Starting in 1.6.1, we have added support for displaying NFTs of other file types: videos, audio files, 3D files, and even documents. Now, your NFT gallery can show you a more complete list of the NFTs you own directly in your wallet.

New NFT Settings 

If you click the gear icon in the lower-left corner of your reference wallet, NFT specific settings are now available.

The new settings will enable you to:

  • Show or hide NFTs based on the minter identifying whether the NFT has sensitive content in the off-chain metadata
  • Change the size and location of your NFT cache. This should result in a significant performance increase for wallets that contain many NFTs

Spacescan Offer Option

We have added as an optional website for sharing your Offers:

Show Minter DID When Viewing an NFT Offer

When viewing an offer, you can also see the minter DID to confirm that the offer you are viewing  is coming from a legitimate NFT project.

Custom Wallet Labeling

In previous versions, your keys were organized by their fingerprints – long numbers that are difficult to memorize. With version 1.6.1, you can rename your keys to straightforward, human-readable names. It’s as easy as clicking the three dots next to your wallet’s fingerprint, clicking “rename,” and entering whatever name you’d like to use.

Electron Builder for Windows

Previously, when Chia’s installer ran on Windows, the installation would occur automatically, leaving zero change options for any setting. Chia now uses Electron Builder for its Windows installer, utilizing a process familiar to Windows users.

In addition, Chia’s executable can now be found in a folder that is not tied to any specific version of Chia:

C:\Users\<user ID>\AppData\Local\Programs\Chia\Chia.exe

Offer Notification and Message Signing

This release includes a new primitive to send messages to an address on chain. Initially, we envision this system utilized for sending offers directly to the owners of NFTs during the purchasing process. This functionality will make it much easier to discover the market value of your NFTs, and it will not require the use of any centralized exchange. This would be one to showcase how this feature would work, and can be used for other notification based use cases.

The notification feature is disabled by default for developers to experiment with until we bring the full experience in the reference wallet. Additionally, for anyone to send you a message, they will need to include a payment, which has a customizable minimum amount.

Finally, we have added RPCs to sign messages using an address, a DID or an NFT ID. This message signing does not require an on-chain transaction.

All of this functionality is being released as a primitive in 1.6.1. For now, it requires using RPC calls. In a future release, we intend to integrate it within our reference wallet as well.

For more information about Offer notifications and message signing, see our FAQ and RPC Documentation.

Source Install

Following the recent patch fix from OpenSSL, we suggest those operating on OpenSSL 3.0 and later ensure the patch status of your current version prior to running the source install as a security measure.

All native Chia installers use the 1.1.1 branch of OpenSSL and were never vulnerable to this attack. The concern only applies to source install power users, making it essential for these users to confirm they are not operating a vulnerable OpenSSL version.


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