1.4.0 – Introducing the Chia NFT1 Standard


Today, we’re pleased to announce the launch of the next milestone of our journey: The Chia NFT1 standard on mainnet. Our NFT0 testnet release in May outlined our vision for the future of NFTs – We are seeking to leverage Chia’s sustainable, inclusive, and compliant blockchain to enable and drive real-world applications of digital ownership through true marketplace independenceconsistent provenance, and digital permanence.

We took a comprehensive and empathy-first approach to understand the ecosystem, the technology’s benefits (both realized and unrealized), the challenges, and the pain points. We built our NFT1 standard to offer novel and expanded functionality we believe addresses the friction NFT creators and collectors experience, as well as serve as the foundation to scale the technology into new use cases.

We’re also excited to announce Chia Friends™, our PFP NFT collection, which we’re giving away to celebrate the launch of the NFT1 standard. It’s a fun, free way to engage with Chia NFTs and discover the power of decentralized, zero-counterparty risk trading with Chia Offers. It also demonstrates an important differentiator of Chia NFTs: on-chain royalties, paid out to the NFT creator with every Chia Offer trade. 100% of the proceeds from the on-chain royalties are automatically paid out to The Marmot Recovery Foundation.

Any NFTs minted by Chia Network will use our official DID: did:chia:19qf3g9876t0rkq7tfdkc28cxfy424yzanea29rkzylq89kped9hq3q7wd2. Always check the provenance of an NFT purportedly to be official from us by looking for this DID as the creator!

Because this is a significant change, we’ve created and published a lot of documentation and information throughout our ecosystem – below is a summary of links to docs and materials which may be relevant to you:

For Developers Building on NFT1

Launch Partners and Projects

  • dexie: dexie is a peer-to-peer exchange for Chia that fully supports NFT offers. NFTs are tradable alongside CATs (Chia Asset Tokens) within a single interface, with price history charts and an NFT Markets dashboard providing an overview of actively traded NFT collections.
  • SkyNFT: SkyNFT is a fully-featured NFT marketplace built on Chia. It supports online minting, transfers and trading of NFTs, as well as the Free Mint and Open Blind Box features that give users the opportunity to receive free NFTs.
  • Spacescan.io: Spacescan.io is a next-gen Chia explorer that provides users with tools to explore NFTs and gain insight into the blockchain with rich data analytics.

More information can be found in the official press release.

We’re excited to see what you build!