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Taking our next steps

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I wanted to take a moment to let you know about some changes we’re making at Chia. Bram will be transitioning from the CEO role to Chairman of the Board and CTO. I will be serving as CEO and President.

We have always said that we are on an accelerated timeline to complete an IPO, and this is one of the final important steps to prepare Chia Network for that next stage. It clarifies external expectations about which one of us is the right person to answer your questions or invite to speak. I will be at investor conferences while Bram will be at technology conferences – but you’ll see us both in many places, just as we have in the past.

While this seems like a big shift, not much will change in day-to-day work. Bram and I have worked closely since Chia Network was founded and especially once I came on full-time in 2019. In classic Bram droll, he quipped, “congratulations on your non-promotion!”

Bram remains the heart and soul of the Chia blockchain, full stop. He will continue to drive innovation in Chialisp and the primitives the chain provides. Offers, DataLayer, and advanced custody will drive the adoption of Chia for real-world markets and transparency applications.

It probably means fewer GitHub contributions from me, but that is because I will be focused on telling the Chia story to the world, early adopters in governments and enterprises, our developer community, and the investor community.

I’m pleased I get to work on making our entire team faster, clearer, and focused on the real-world use of blockchains and cryptocurrency. We believe these technologies can secure human rights, and that makes time of the essence. We want to deliver the financial security we in the Dollar/Euro/Pound world take for granted to the other 4 billion people and make our markets work better too.

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