Chia Climate Products

Improve the quality, integrity, and transparency of your Climate efforts with Chia.

Chia Climate App

Self-custody your digital carbon assets, enabling peer-to-peer transactions and connections to external platforms for data and alerts.

Built for: Owners of Carbon Credits

Climate Action Data Trust

Allows you to start and run a CADT node for publishing and observing registry data, offering decentralized and auditable data sharing aligned with the Paris Agreement.

Built for: Governments and Independent Registries.

Chia Tokenization App

Convert carbon credits into digital assets on the Chia blockchain, ensuring integration, transparency, and auditability with the Climate Action Data Trust.

Built for: Carbon Credit Registries

Chia Registry App

Simplify issuing digital carbon credits for carbon projects, and integrate with the Climate Action Data Trust for discoverability and transparency.

Built for:  Carbon Crediting Programs & Standards