Enabling an Open Metaverse

Introducing the Chia Open Digital Economy (CODE) Framework – the technology infrastructure cultivating an open metaverse.

The Web3 Digital Economy: Designed for Creators and Consumers

Integrate your creative work into the digital economy with CODE’s sustainable and compliant public on-chain infrastructure

Enhanced Protection

Encouraging creators to engage with increased protection and on-chain enforced licensing and royalties

Increased Interoperability

Increased interoperability of digital assets between virtual economies enabled by the public Chia blockchain infrastructure

Broader Connectivity

Empowering and supporting connections and access between unique ecosystems


Tech at Play

Chia’s technology offers the building blocks for open and inclusive digital economies

Public Chia Blockchain

A public, immutable distributed ledger enabling ecosystem interoperability, secured by everyone for everyone.

Chia Asset Tokens

Provide ways for creators to build in-ecosystem currencies.


Creators can mint an asset with their identity and licensure permanently and immutably attached.


Enabling trading between users without requiring a central party or counter-party risk.

Chia DataLayerTM

Store digital asset data and share it only with users within the ecosystems that need it.


Allow for universal decentralized identification between interoperable ecosystems.

core digital economy activities

Enabling Core Activities

buy & Sell

On Hosted

Users can buy or sell items in one virtual world’s marketplace that can be used in other virtual worlds.

Buy & sell

On an External

Users can buy or sell items from different virtual worlds on a marketplace outside of the virtual worlds and accept all kinds of digital currencies.

Direct Trading

Across Virtual Worlds Between Users

Users can trade directly with another user within a virtual world, without needing to use a marketplace.

Direct trading

Between Users

When two users know each other outside of the virtual worlds, they can directly trade assets between each other without a marketplace.

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Vision for Metaverse

Cracking the CODE: Enabling an Open Digital Economy

Launching the ChiaTCG

Discover what TCG is all about


ChiaTCG Brings the Power of CODE Through Gaming

What is ChiaTCG?

ChiaTCG is a browser-based trading card game bringing CODE technologies into one experience. Chia TCG allows players to play using NFTs from existing or new Chia wallets.

What’s Next?

Find out more about ChiaTCG before jumping in

Be in the know of how the game is played, updates, releases, and more.

Looking to develop your next Metaverse/web3 game with Chia?