Chia Trading Card Game

Harnessing Chia Open Digital Economy (CODE) Technology through gameplay

What is ChiaTCG?

ChiaTCG is a browser-based trading card game bringing CODE technologies into one experience. Chia TCG allows players to play using NFTs from existing or new Chia wallets.

Coming Soon

About the Game


Play using your existing NFTs


Work together in real-time with other players to defeat the enemy AI


Compete on the leaderboard


Trade NFTs with other fellow players

Official Roadmap

Join in the History Making

Anyone with Chia NFTs can evaluate their card strength

Get them appraised at the game’s website, MintGarden,, or Farmers Market

Community can vote on final name of ChiaTCG
Open beta for users who own at least 6 Chia NFTs
Final name and logo of ChiaTCG revealed
Release of ChiaTCG open source code to the public
More coming soon…

Who’s involved with ChiaTCG?

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Launching the ChiaTCG: Our Response to Metaverse Challenges