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Farming and Electricity Usage in Chia

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Come join a cocktail hour panel Friday March 5 and learn about the most efficient way to farm large quantities of plotted storage and talk about the impact Chia might have in terms of total electrical capacity used to support all Chia farms. 🌱

Joining Bram and Gene will be @xorinox, @storage_jm, and @farming101.

We will be fielding questions and plan to talk about farming rigs and strategies for the fist half. In the second half, we want to hand it to excel master and all around great guy @storage_jm where we talk about the macro trends in the storage business and how total Chia electrical usage will and will not scale over time. The rest of us can enjoy our cocktails…

We will again attempt to also stream live but with a new strategy. It may or may not be on YouTube but there will definitely be a live stream and the replay will then be available on YouTube afterwards. The Zoom room is limited to 100 (updated) 500 participants but we will also take questions on Keybase in #testnet and you’ll be able to tune into the live stream as well.

  • Topic: Farming Hardware and Electricity Usage of Chia
  • The replay is now available on YouTube.
  • Update – @storage_jm has published to host his model.


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Plot compression is here

Plot compression is now available from multiple parties. Chia will be releasing support through the beta program Soon™.