Release Notes/Errata

Chia Blockchain Testnet alpha 1.2 2020-01-08

  1. Performance improvements:
    • Removes database access from blockchain, and handles headers instead of blocks
    • Avoid processing blocks and unfinished blocks that we have already seen.
    • Also adds test for load.
  2. Improvements to plotting via lookup table - as much as 15% faster
  3. Fixed a blockchain initialization bug

Chia Blockchain Testnet alpha 1.1.1 2019-12-25

  1. Installation is now separated into everything except timelord/vdf and timelord/vdf.
  2. Added install instructions for Windows using WSL and Ubuntu.
  3. Added install instructions for CentOS 7.7.
  4. Added install instructions for Amazon Linux 2.
  5. New and replaced VDF server compilation scripts with Makefile.

Chia Blockchain Testnet alpha 1.1 2019-12-12

  1. FullNode: A long running or low ulimit situation could cause an “out of files” issue which would stop new connection creation. Removed the underlying socket leak.
  2. FullNode: Multiple SSH UI bugs fixed.
  3. Timelord VDF submission and management logic upgraded.
  4. Introducer now makes sure it only sends peer addresses to peers of peers that it can reach on port 8444 or their UPnP port.
  5. Updated blspy requirement to address an issue in the underlying bls-signatures library.
  6. Harvester: Farming a plot of k = 30 or greater could lead to a segfault in the harvester.
  7. Improperly in Alpha 1.0 Errata - was already fixed in 1.0:
    • Fixed - 4. FullNode: Ping pong messages and timeouts are not implemented yet.
    • Fixed - 7. FullNode: Certain loss of internet connectivity, like wifi dropping, can leave all connections zombied.

Chia Blockchain Testnet alpha 1.0 2019-12-04

  1. We will move to DNS style peer discovery like Bitcoin. The introducer server is a stop gap solution.
  2. Block validation is currently done in python. The C implementation should be ~3x faster.
  3. Gossip protocol is not implemented yet.
  4. Intentionally omitted.
  5. There will not yet be transactions on the blockchain, and the Chialisp reference transaction wallets work in ledgersim only. Later we will add mempool for nodes, wallet protocol, cost calculations, and transactions to blocks.
  6. A MacOS Catalina compiler bug means we de-optimize the compile of VDFs on Catalina due to clang issues, e.g.[email protected]/msg00788.html We suggest you use the Timelords that are already on testnet anyway, as running a VDF on a workstation or laptop isn’t fun.
  7. Intentionally omitted.
  8. Plotting is slow and we expect to accelerate it. (e.g. memory mapped file I/O from the Chia proof of space contest has not been integrated yet, and that should speed things up by 15%). Example plot k values for an iMac (Retina 4K, 21.5-inch, 2017) - 3.4 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5 - 16 GB 2400 MHz DDR4 plotting on a USB 3.0 attached 4Tb RAID 1:

    k plot time minutes plot size Gb working Gb
    26 27 1.3  
    27 81 2.7  
    28 260 5.6 30.3
    29 787 11.5 61
  9. Once a timelord sends the first batch of iters, it might not continue to send the late ones (we need to keep the polling alive from the VDF process to the timelord.) Timelords start a random discriminant with the maximum height (but should always prefer one that requires the least iterations, if that exists).
  10. Work difficulty reset epochs will be shorter than mainnet to compensate for the expected dynamics of testnet.

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