Chia’s Alpha Testnet

Alpha testnet introduces the first version of Chialisp, Chia’s smart transaction programming language. The Smart Transactions currently available are: atomic swaps, authorized payees, recoverable wallets, multisig wallets, and rate-limited wallet. Bram has more on Chialisp.

Alpha testnet also introduces Chia’s blockchain consensus layer which includes a full node, farmer and timelord. The blockchain is alpha and does not yet support transactions. Here are some additional thoughts on the alpha chia blockchain.

Since this is an alpha release, you may want to review the release errata.

Download Blockchain

Chia’s blockchain includes a full node, farmer, and timelord. Download the source code on GitHub.

The source repository is on

Download Chialisp and LedgerSim

LedgerSim supports Chialisp smart transactions on a ledger instead of a blockchain for testing and development purposes. Chia’s wallets showcase our new programming language, Chialisp. Download the source code on GitHub.

The source repository is on

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Join the keybase #dev channel to ask questions about Chialisp and Ledgersim. The keybase #testnet channel is for questions about installing and running the testnet blockchain.

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