A better NFT standard,
built for creators

On-chain royalties, marketplace independence and easier publishing—all built on an extremely secure, sustainable and reliable blockchain. 

Delivering on a
higher promise for NFTs

We’ve built Chia’s NFT standard from the ground up to address the emerging needs of creators, and challenges of other blockchains. Chia is for serious creators who seek fair royalties from more reliable, transparent, authenticated and secure digital assets.

Independence from marketplaces: Chia ensures that automatic resale royalties for creators are consistently paid regardless of where their work lives online—this is enabled by peer-to-peer trading that allows decentralized trading without escrow. With other blockchains, artists need to register on each marketplace to receive royalties, the process of which can be confusing or burdensome, so artists may never receive payment for their work.

Consistent provenance: Chia enables a reliable way to authenticate and verify that a specific artist created the work. Every NFT requires a digital identity, which artists can also publish online for verification. This functionality also enables people to see the lineage of who owned an NFT over time.

More digital permanence: Chia’s updated NFT standard helps make NFT publishing, updating, storage and archival easier. 

How to get started 

Contact to get started with a member of the Chia team. Or, book a 45-minute introductory meeting here. We’ll walk you through creating a Chia wallet and minting your work on Chia, step-by-step. Our team will be on-site at the Untitled Art Fair in Miami from November 29-December 3, 2022 if you’d like to book a live meeting.

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