Announcing the winners of the $100K total prize money

Thank you to everyone who participated in the first round of Chia Network’s Verifiable Delay Function (VDF) competition. This competition helped improve our proof of time protocol with fast, open, and secure implementations. Click here to view the winners of track 1.

All of the code from participating teams is open source and can be found on our GitHub.

The winners of track 2 will be announced shortly. Stay tuned for future Chia competitions.

Green money for a digital world

We're building a blockchain based on proofs of space and time to make a cryptocurrency that is less wasteful, more decentralized, and more secure.

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Ready to invest?

Chia will be widely available to the public soon

Learn More about Chia

  • Talks and Papers

  • Bram Cohen giving a talk at Stanford about stopping grinding attacks in Proofs of Space.
  • Bram Cohen giving a talk at BPASE 2018 based on this very technical paper about Proofs of Space with slides by Hamza Abusalah.
  • Ben Fisch giving a talk at BPASE 2018 on Verifiable Delay Functions.
  • Bram Cohen's talk at Blockchain at Berkeley (starts about 20:00) with slides.
  • Bram Cohen's talk at BPASE 2017 with slides.
  • Bram Cohen giving a talk at SF Bitcoin Devs Seminar about data structures for scalling Bitcoin with slides and code.
  • Bram Cohen giving a talk at SF Bitcoin Devs Seminar about removing waste from cryptocurrencies.

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About Chia

Chia Network is a San Francisco-based company focused on improving crypto-currency infrastructure. Our CEO, Bram Cohen, famously invented BitTorrent: the first modern decentralized network protocol and one of the inspirations for the Bitcoin protocol. Our founding team has experience across the crypto-currency and finance sectors, coming from Tradehill, CryptoCorp and Lightning Labs.

Financial Institutions

Digital Money is being increasingly demanded by individual and institutional investors. Chia can help traditional financial institutions meet that demand.


Join our Keybase group to participate in discussion.

  • Install and setupKeybase

  • Run this in your terminal:
    keybase team request-access chia_network.public

Work at Chia

We're looking to hire several technically gifted programmers to work with our team of cryptographers on building our protocol. Must have strong algorithms skills. Cryptography experience is a plus but not required. Remote is okay but being in San Francisco is a plus. To apply, please complete a couple LeetCode Contests and send a link to your LeetCode profile along with your resume to [email protected].